Ref- The Social Service Quarterly
(The Organ of the Social Service League, Bombay)

Volume number. XXXXIX, (No.1) July 1963

Page No. 5-6


by Dr. M. P. Vora
speaking on:
Measures for Control of V. D.


The seminar on Venereal Diseases and Family Counselling was held in Bombay on 27 th and 28 th April 1963 under the auspices of the Maharashtra Branch of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene. Shri.M.Chaudhari, Minister for Public Health, Maharashtra presided over the seminar. Lady Rama Rau inaugurated it. Subjects selected for discussion in the section of Venereal Diseases were:


The subjects chosen in the section of “Family Counselling” were:


Dr. M.P.Vora speaking on “Measures for Control of V.D.” regretted to note the absence of any reference to the incidence of V.D. amongst industrial workers in the latest annual report of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. It was surprising that while campaigns against infectious diseases such as small-pox and T.B. had been launched with success, nothing had been done to control V.D. amongst industrial workers. The incidence of V.D. was on the increase especially in the younger age groups and posed a greater danger to public health. Ignoring the existence of V.D. or the tacit avoidance of the mention of the subject on the part of authorities would not be helpful. To add to that, existing facilities for the diagnosis, treatment and control of V.D. were grossly inadequate, ill-planned and unorganized. Whatever few clinics the country had, were in the urban areas. No facility whatsoever existed in the district or mofussil towns or villages. The clinics suffered from wants of proper and suitable accommodation, equipment and adequate staff. Proper methods of diagnosis, case-tracing, case-holding, education of patients, record-keeping, tests of cure and surveillance- the most important procedures in the management of V.D were generally neglected. If the clinics were to function properly and progress efficiently, it was essential that they should be under the direct control of a Central Authority- the Directorate of Venereology. The State Government conjointly with the Central Government should set up a separate division called “Deputy Directorate or Regional Directorate of Venereology”. Under such a Central Authority, efforts for the control of V.D. could be adequately coordinated at the State and Central levels. The other suggestions made by Dr.Vora were: