by Dr. M. P. Vora
The Home Doctor
A Practical Guide to Good Health
Vol. II, of November 1963, Page No. 41 and 42.




V.D. or Venereal Diseases spread through intimate contact with a person suffering from the disease. Usually, sexual relations are responsible, but at times less intimate contacts, such as kissing, will pass on V.D.


Venereal diseases are caused by germs. The infected person, however, may appear to you to be perfectly healthy.


There are three main kinds of V.D. - Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, and Chancroid. Sometimes, a person may have more than one venereal disease at a time. These diseases, if untreated, may cause serious disorders.




The first sign of syphilis is a sore on or near the sex organs. Later on, rashes on the body, pain in the bones, sores in the mouth, sore in the throat or falling of hair may appear. These signs may go away without treatment. But the germs remain and may affect any part of the body and cause blindness, heart disease, insanity and paralysis. In its early stages, syphilis can be cured- quickly, safely and effectively.


Gonorrhoea is mostly caught through sexual intercourse. Accidental infection, as from the lavatory, is very rare, because the germs die quickly outside the body. The signs are yellowish white pus from the sex organs, accompanied by pain and burning while passing urine. If it is not treated, the disease may cause sterility and crippling damage to the joints. There is complete and swift cure for gonorrhoea today.


Chancroid is also contacted through sexual relations. The disease starts as a small painful sore or sores on the sex organs, accompanied by swellings of the glands in the groins. If not treated, chancroid sores may spread causing severe pain and discomfort and often much local damage. The safest thing is to seek the doctors’ advice when the sore appears.




It is our duty to keep Venereal Diseases under check.